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United Samaritans Foundation Mission is to deliver food to people in need in
Stanislaus County, and to facilitate the provision of services to those people
to assist them in a transition to a better quality of life.

APRIL 2006


Dear Friends,
      I am pleased to introduce the newest member of the United Samaritans Team: Mr. Bill Rothfuss, Chief Executive Officer. Bill took charge on March 27th, and is thrilled to be a part of our organization. He hails from Fresno where he was the CEO for the YMCA.

       Bill Rothfuss brings another dimension to USF. Seeking new funds is an integral part of our longevity. We not only count on your support; we require other sources to continue doing what we do - help those in need of food and clothing. Bill is very capable and eager to do just that.

       We welcome Bill R. to our neighborhood. Feel free to send Bill an email: billrusf@sbcglobal.net, or if you are in the area, drop by to say hello. And remember, we can always use another sandwich maker.
John Rogers, President


This is the final month for the Feinstein Challenge. Your donation will have a greater impact this month because the Feinstein Foundation has challenged us by an offer to dividing $1 million among non-profit organizations around the country who are helping fight hunger. All monetary and food contributions received through April 30, 2005 will help us qualify for a portion of these funds. The funding we have received each year has been extremely helpful to our ministry. With your generous donations, we have the ability to achieve even more.


      Meals served on our trucks during the month of March 2006, were 30,493.
      In our emergency food box program 304 families (799 people) were provided with a three-day, three meals per day supply of food; which equals 7,191 meals.


This month we continue to need socks! We are also in need of blankets and sleeping bags, disposable razors and women’s sanitary products. Our little ones always need baby formula as well as diapers of all sizes. Please bring your donations to United Samaritans Foundation at 220 S. Broadway in Turlock.


Do you know of a high school senior who needs to fulfill a service requirement for graduation? We have just the place – actually we have three! We can place your student (with a permission slip signed by a parent for those under 18) in any of our three locations. We have numerous areas where they can help. For more information call 668-4853.

Two Women Volunteers


President          John S. Rogers

Vice President   Ernie Gemperle

Secretary         Cathee Vaughn

Treasure          June A. Rogers


Carol Bright-Tougas
Elaine Lyons
John Dunn
Judy Navarro
Lisa Mazza
Dan Courtney


USF has recently subscribed to a secure banking system called Paypal. We can now accept your contributions online! It’s not necessary to be a Paypal member to use this service. We’ve provided a link to Paypal on our website to make a contribution using major credit cards. Direct your browser to www.unitedsamaritans.org/donor.html, scroll to mid-page, click on “Make A Donation” to go directly to the secure United Samaritans check out page on Paypal. Fill in the amount and source of your contribution, then click “Pay Now.” If you are already a Paypal subscriber, you can use your Paypal account or bank account. Once your contribution has been made, Paypal will email you a payment receipt. USF will also acknowledge your donation. If you aren't a Paypal subscriber, it's free and easy - For every new Paypal subscriber referred from our check-out page, USF will receive $5.00.

You can still mail your donation if you prefer.
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