5 Reasons to Give


Love is a much needed emotion in today’s world and it is always welcomed. It is a great way of cashing in on your own moral savings. Many people donate to charities that they are passionate about, they also donate to remember a loved one or to remember their own troubles. It is one of the best ways to show the world that you do indeed care about something.


For many people, charity is a direct reflection of their own inner values. It is a deeply fulfilling exercise to be able to give to a cause that you are passionate about. In many cases people reflect on their own troubles and give away to charities that they can relate to morally. It also offers an insight into your own self and the areas where you could improve and get help.


Charity is a wonderful opportunity to give back to the world that we take so much from. Charity can be given to your old community, to your old school or even to your old neighborhood. It is also a sign that you have not forgotten where you came from and are grateful to your past.


Charity will help you boost your own motivation to go further in life. A lot of people all around the world work diligently towards the charities that they have an interest in. Since it is a very fulfilling act to give, it will help you add to your own personal motivation too. People who donate are often driven to donate more and a person can only donate more if they have more.


Donations can help you earn respect in many areas. Philanthropy is a noble act that only people with a good heart can fall into and it also earns you a lot of respect from your peers and society in general. Other than that, it will also earn you the undying respect of the people or organizations that you donate to.


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Legacy of Hope


Attending Legacy? Here's an URGENT message.... We are excited to tell you that our auction has gone mobil this year! Legacy of Hope will be using HANDBID, a mobile silent auction platform which allows you to bid from your smartphone. Save time at check-in by getting setup and bidding BEFORE YOU ARRIVE! Tickets are still available for event.


Giving Tuesday

#GivingTuesday Drive Thru Dinner Event is aimed towards the national day of giving! Everyone has the capacity to give. Join us on November 28 to celebrate #GivingTuesday. By purchasing a drive thru dinner not only do you get a delicious meal but you help USF provide meals for homeless and low-income families suffering from food insecurities.

Uncle Bucks Blazin BBQ Dinner Includes: pulled pork, twice backed mac & cheese, cole saw and dinner roll.

To purchase online tickets click here!

USF Salutes The US Postal Carriers

They did it again! United Samaritans Foundation salutes and says thank you to the postal carriers for their hard work and to the Turlock community they serve for their generosity! 

The annual US Postal Carriers Canned Food Drive was held on May 13th. The total amount of food collected was 6,935 lbs!

The food collected by our local Postal Carriers was donated to USF to be used in our Emergency Food Box Program to help needy families in Turlock. We would especially like to thank Billy Nix, our USF employee, who has been in charge of this event for several years, and of course all the wonderful volunteers who came out to sort and box the canned food that was donated! 

5 Easy Ways To Help USF

1. Like us on social media.

You can find USF on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

2. Share our social media pages with your friends. 

Sharing our Mission with your friends helps us to let others know what we do and educate them on how, they too, can contribute. 

3. Sign up for AmazonSmiles.

When you sign us for amazon.smiles through USF Amazon donates .5% of your total purchase to USF.

4. Write a testimony about your USF experience.

We are always looking for stories about how USF has touched others, whether you are a donor volunteer or recipient of our services. 

5. Use your E-Script at SaveMart.

When you use your e-script while shopping, a percentage of your purchase benefits USF.

Questions? Email Courtney at Courtney at courtneyusf@sbcglobal.net.

USF's First Drive Thru

Come support us on our first drive thru dinner! We are excited to announce that Uncle Bucks Blazin BBQ will be catering. By purchasing a $10 drive thru dinner not only do you get a delicious meal but you help USF provide meals for homeless and low-income families. Dinner includes: pulled pork, twice baked mac & cheese, cole staw, and dinner roll.  The event will take place at United Samaritans June 29th from 4:30 pm - 6 pm. 

If you are interested in grabbing a scrumptious meal call us at 209.668.4853 to purchase a ticket!