5 Easy Ways To Help USF

1. Like us on social media.

You can find USF on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

2. Share our social media pages with your friends. 

Sharing our Mission with your friends helps us to let others know what we do and educate them on how, they too, can contribute. 

3. Sign up for AmazonSmiles.

When you sign us for amazon.smiles through USF Amazon donates .5% of your total purchase to USF.

4. Write a testimony about your USF experience.

We are always looking for stories about how USF has touched others, whether you are a donor volunteer or recipient of our services. 

5. Use your E-Script at SaveMart.

When you use your e-script while shopping, a percentage of your purchase benefits USF.

Questions? Email Courtney at Courtney at courtneyusf@sbcglobal.net.