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The Daily Bread Lunch Truck Program

This unique program delivers meals into the neighborhoods where the county’s most impoverished individuals and families reside. Three days a week hot meals are served and two days a week brown bag lunches are provided. During the week, especially on Fridays, we provide as many fresh extra foodstuffs (milk, juice, bread, eggs, yogurt, fresh produce, etc.) as we have available to ensure that individuals and families have nutritious foods available to supplement their meals through the weekend. The lunch truck program serves between 1,500 –1,700 meals per DAY. To find out more information about our routes and services click here. 

Clothes Closet

Relies upon donations from the community to provide clean and useful clothing for all ages and housing circumstances. Each year, nearly  20,000 articles are
clothing are given to our clients.


Food Box Day

Provides each individual or family member with food for 3 meals a day for a period of 3 days and serves approximately 566 adults and children per MONTH. 


Homeless Services

Program provides showers, laundry  facilities, mail services, telephone  services and referrals. Having access to these services helps those in most  desperate need the ability to receive  mail (necessary for finding employment and maintaining contact with family)  and to receive  basic hygiene needs. 

Senior Lunch

The Senior Lunch Program provides nutritious meals for *adults 60 or older. United Samaritans Foundation offers this program at 2 locations - In Turlock and in Hughson. Senior Lunch sites offer fresh made meals.  The meals served provide at least one-third of the Dietary Reference Intake for our older adult population.



United Samaritans Foundation’s mission is to deliver food to people in need in Stanislaus County, and to facilitate the provision of services to assist them in a transition to a better quality of life.




The Vision of United Samaritans Foundation is to be an advocate for the poor in the spirit of the Christian tradition. The Foundation will search out areas of need and explore creative and holistic ways to meet the needs of those we serve.


Our Story


The United Samaritans Foundation (USF) was established as a nonprofit in 1994. In early 1995, USF's volunteers began delivering meals to low income residents and homeless of southern Stanislaus County, supplementing the local "Daily Bread Ministry" that had been launched three years previously at Turlock's Sacred Heart Church. 

In January 1996 the USF leased two buildings in Turlock, renovated the kitchen and moved to the Turlock truck site. An emergency food pantry and clothes closet were soon added, and a new warehouse was constructed 1997. Also, in 1997, the Foundation purchased two half-block sections in Hughson. Construction of a new complex on the site was completed in 1998. A second warehouse, new office, and kitchen facilities were built in Turlock in 2002 to help accommodate the growing needs of low-income residents and the homeless in the area.


All photography provided by Marilyn Diaz

Hunger affects many families, everyday, and right here in Stanislaus County. What if you were struggling everyday just to put food on the table? Where would you turn?



Your donation of just $10 will feed a family of 5, and that can have a bigger impact that you can imagine. The following letter was sent to USF and we want to share it with you:

" What you do is an incredible thing. Our cupboards and fridge were bare and my children were starting to whine and cry and bicker... When you showed up and handed us the food it was like a bit of light was shinning down in us.. All was content for the moment, my children wrestled over cookies as they giggled and grinned. You made a profound impact on our on our day yesterday. Thank you and God Bless, The Wilson's."

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